One of the many loving traits a mom has is her appreciation for anything her children show, tell, and give her. But that doesn’t mean we should take moms for granted when giving her gifts, especially on Mother’s Day. Hallmark Canada knows just that, and there’s always something new and special for every mom in our lives. And that includes myself, yay!

So here are the lovely things a mom like me would really love to have, and fortunately got!

Mother’s Day picture frame

mother's day picture frame

“Mom”, ‘Nana”, and “First Mother’s Day”, are some of the sweetest words that a mom-and-child photograph would say. I so need this. All the wonderful photos we have are still in digital files, and the Mother’s Day frames from Hallmark perfectly remind me to have our must-display photos printed.

Lights in bloom ceramic lantern

Lights in bloom ceramic lantern

Mom is indeed the light that shines in the family. This lovely candle lantern with floral cutouts and a neat handle makes it hard for me to decide if I should put it in my living room or in the patio. Maybe I should just get another one.

Mother’s Day tea towels

Mother’s Day tea towels

I like having ordinary items with some attitude to make them exciting. A tea towel with words that express a sweet sentiment, a clever remark or a bold statement about motherhood and grandmotherhood is very much welcome in my kitchen. I’m sure my mom and mom-in-law would love to have some Hallmark tea towels too.

“Love & laughter & hugs” insulated travel mug

Hallmark travel mug

This tumbler just says it all. A mom like me wouldn’t trade love for anything in this world. And that kind of love that I want from my family is just lots of laughter and hugs. That’s all. And a nice travel mug of warm coffee or tea to go with it too!

“Be happy” notepad

A mom has so many things running in her mind, especially an endless to-do list. Groceries, recipes, shopping wishlist, school meetings, work tasks, telephone numbers, doctor’s appointments, and other errands or whatnot. But all these are a blessing for a mom to have. So listing it all down on paper, especially with an extra-long and fun notepad that reminds us to “be happy” despite all this chaos is just plain super helpful.

Hallmark GardenFair collection decors

Hallmark GardenFair collection decors

Do you remember how mom used to read you your favourite fairy tales? Why not give back the favour to her this time? Give her garden some fairies! And just in time for spring, having some fairy house decorations plus garden fairy figurines would definitely transform mom’s garden into a magical fairyland. And it will surely bring back memories of her children’s childhood and of her own too.

The messages in these gifts, plus the thought you would put in them before you give them to your mom and mommy friends, are just heartwarming. But that’s just what Hallmark does best, putting into words and uniquely beautiful gifts the love and appreciation we all feel for the best moms in the world. Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Debby Mills says:

    The Lights in Bloom ceramic lantern in white was just sent to me by my daughter and it was broken in the mail. Is there anyway I can pay for another one. I don’t want to tell her it was broken. Thank you so much

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