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modern-twist kidz placemat is a brilliant way to boost younger children’s creative skills. My 3.5 year old enjoyed coloring on the wrinkle free place-mat that I received a couple of weeks ago and keeps begging for another one. I would like to purchase more for her to work when I am busy with cooking, cleaning, or even when I am driving.

dwellstudio placemat

kids placemat

Mothers everywhere will love this new way of letting their children express themselves; I know that I do. In addition, modern-twist’s co-partner dwell-studio fuses its unique artistic impression of both basic essentials and aspirations with a compelling scheme that provides this great creation to children everywhere. The companies are very acute about selecting what works best, looks good, and tells a story. Founder Kat Nouri who grew up in a home built on conveying ideas to practicable material and consuming nutritional food stuffs inspired her to create a bright ornamentation of foodstuffs and art and while sharing with us; their products are creative and extremely fun to attract societies from all over the globe.


modern-twist kidz placemat

kids placemat

And best of all it is safe for my child to use and it is environment friendly. It also sparks my child inner artistic strengths. It is simple and easy. The place mat comes in a variety of pattern enhanced by the hand silk- screened silicone; little children can use different types of markers. Best of all I can just rinse off the marks my child has already made and let her reuse it as many times as she likes. Parents and companies alike have always sought new unique idea for children to have an interesting new way of making art and dinner time more fun for your youngster. While I am choosing what we have to eat, my little girl is busy coloring on her place mat. she likes to decorate her placemat by adding some food on it. So this is a better way for parents to bring a little illustration to the dinner table. All centered on the importance of a healthy suppertime and cultural significance of art, these pieces will keep a go-green attitude that dwell studio and modern twist strive to keep.

  • No Lead
  • Fun artistic hobby
  • Low-price
  • Recyclable
  • Use diverse coloring tools
  • Minus unhealthy substances
  • No lines or tears

The product is 100% percent environment safe saving many trees and paper that my child would used to do her drawings; all because the material was erasable; it is truly a lifesaver. Modern-twist follows through on its promises so not only I would like to buy from this seller it has become one of the art kits I trust.


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