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Becoming one of my daughter’s favorite right now is this film Mia and the Migoo, which I received through mail. The moment I saw the DVD of this film, I got excited to have my daughter see it. Claims have been made that this is one great French motion picture that won Best Animated Feature in the 22nd European Film Awards has numerous prestigious award nominations. A version of this film was in English for international screening.

The story of Mia and the Migoo is about a little girl named Mia (Amanda Misquez) and her adventurous search for her father, Pedro (Pierre Richard), who was trapped in a landslide in some lake/island where he works for a construction of a hotel. The development of the hotel in the middle of a tropical and majestic lake was operated by a selfish businessman, Mr. Jekhilde (John DiMaggio) who was also an arrogant father to his son Aldrin (Charlie Girerd). In that splendid, creation-of-nature place, a magical tree stood tall in the middle of a lake, the Tree of Life. It is the home of adorable and figure-changing spirits called Migoo (Wallace Shawn). Aldrin and Migoo helped Mia find his father and save Nature, specifically,the Tree of Life from being cut down.

The movie is no ordinary computer-generated film like the typical ones these days. It’s made of 500,000 hand-painted frames with extraordinary details of pastel/crayon emphasis for every clip which could be very attractive for young viewers and interesting for adults. It was an art-film, as I want to name it. It was the reason why my daughter loved it so much and stayed tuned-in during the movie. With that, I find it amazing how my daughter appreciated the 92-minute movie. She thought it was such a beautiful flick and so did my husband and I. She even thought of herself being very alike with Mia for loving Daddy so dearly.

The message was basically about saving a family and our environment. It is pretty good to have children watch movies like these that send a message of family importance and nature awareness that could be understood by young ones and might as well be appreciated by adults. I find the movie recommendable for children with the same age as my daughter, 4 years old, if you’re there to supervise watching since it was rated PG. Older kids could appreciate the movie even better. Aside from some scenes that imply violence like shoving people, the word “stupid” was said with meanness and some exposure of guns and harsh facial expression, I have nothing else to say against this movie but “Superbly done!”— I would definitely love to watch it again soon.

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