Women’s Outerwear and Accessories from Mark’s Make Great Gifts {2017 Holiday Gift Guide}

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With this winter season upon us and with the winter storms seeming to want to dump tons and tons of snow, what better gift for the woman in your life than the gift of warmth?

Mark’s has an amazing line of winter outerwear and accessories to keep you warm in the coldest of conditions this winter.

Mark’s prides themselves on producing clothing products that are designed specifically for things like durability, character, and confidence.  Their motto of “well worn” means that their products are designed for people who actually live their lives in their clothing products. These are geared toward people who not only want to look decent, but who want their clothing to be something that they can depend on.

Let’s take a look at a few products that they offer.

Farwest Quilted Down Coat

Farwest Quilted Down Coat

Farwest Quilted Down Coat

This is a thigh length coat that features down and duck feathers for insulation, meaning it is going to keep you nice and warm without weighing you down.  Featuring Hyper-Dri HD1 technology which is both breathable and water repellent, even if the snow is still coming down, you will still be warm, dry and comfortable.

The shell is 100% polyester and is fully lined. The insulation is made up of 80% down and 20% duck feathers.  The hood has a removable faux fur trim.  It also has two hand warmer pockets that feature a snap button closure, and the front features a snap closed storm flap over the zipper front to keep out the wind.

Bula Wool Toque

Bula Wool Toque

This Toque will keep your head toasty and warm no matter how harsh the weather conditions are! Knit in a classic cable stitch, and made from a nice warm wool yarn, it is designed for warmth and style.

Wearing this on your head, you will not only be making a fashion statement, but you will be protecting your head from the harsh wind and weather conditions that go along with winter.  Did you know that we lose most of our body heat through our heads? So what better way to keep that heat in and to keep from freezing this winter than to wear this stylish hat on your head.

No matter what style you are looking for, and no matter what your budget, Mark’s has some awesome winterwear products and accessories to keep you cozy this holiday season. Why not pamper the woman in your life with warmth and style this year?

Mark’s stands behind their products and only carries products that meet their standards for the well-worn lifestyle. They proclaim to sell clothing that holds to the same characteristics as the people who are going to be wearing them.

Whether you are looking for warmth, style, durability or dependability, Mark’s has you covered. Be sure to check out their website and the assortment of great winterwear that they have availability.  They have something to meet every style and I’m sure you will find something you love, whether for yourself or for a gift to give this year.

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