Manhattan Toy MiO Collection New Wooden Playsets Added

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Manhattan Toys are a popular toy company that has been producing great eco-friendly toys for children. MiO is one of the lines they’ve released for children, ages three and up. The line is wooden and consists of different sets ranging from daily life to out doors activities like camping or flying an airplane. The toys are not oversimplified like some and they provide a range of different activities to keep any child’s imagination running.

The MiO Food Truck + 1 Person is the perfect twist of kitchen and toy car. They’ve made cooking and kitchens more modernized for children by incorporating it into a food truck. The wood made out of is natural and neutrally colored as well. Like the traditional toy truck the doors are able to open and close and the wheels are fully functioning which helps keep the originality of toy cars alive. The person that is included with the food truck is a great addition because children love to have people that can play along among their imaginative minds.

MiO food truck

Manhattan Toys Mio Food Truck

All of the MiO wooden line toys are made with non-toxic water based finish ensuring that the toys are safe. I enjoy having toys that meet safety regulations in my house for my children because I don’t have to worry about them inhaling anything that could be toxic to their health. A lot of toys don’t ensure these safety regulations so having a simple toy line that ensures safety is great for any family!

The MiO Airplane + Pilot is another perfect toy that comes with an extra person that aids in the imaginations of our tiny humans. Also wooden and meeting safety regulations, the airplane has full functioning rolling wheels and a propeller that spins like any toy airplane would. Some toys that exist don’t seem as safe because of sharp corners or edges but since they are made out of wood and rounded corner I don’t have to worry about anything that may harm my children. The wooden airplane is painted a natural wood color with hints of red that make it perfect for both boys and girls like my own.

MiO airplane

MiO is a great line of toys that create a more simplistic approach to the toy world. The classic wooden design gives children the ability to play with toys that are original and simple while still having toys that give a wide array of activities.

My children absolutely love the simplistic design of the wooden toys and how durable they are. Because they’re wooden, they’re hard to break like many plastic made toys. The design of the MiO toys is hands down one of the best parts about the MiO line because they are almost impossible to destroy which is important when you have two children in the house!

The toys are available through the Manhattan Toy Company under their line Mio. Their website is where they have the MiO collection as well as many other toys that aren’t wooden created. Other retailers that sell children’s toys have the MiO line as well, like Target and Many of the MiO line toys are fairly priced and completely worth every cent.

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