Collect аnd Play with NEW Awеѕоmе Lіttlе Grееn Mеn {2017 Holiday Gift Guide}

Recently I received an Awesome Little Green Men Deluxe Battle Pack and some Awesome Little Green Men Blind Boxes.

little green men package

little green men blind box

There are over 100 different little green men to collect.  Do you remember army men when you were a kid? How every set of army men was basically the same and no one really had much of an edge over anyone else? Well, my friends, those days are completely over. 

This toy merges the fun of playing with little green army men with the Pokémon craze of collecting the several types, including:

  • Common infantrymen
  • Rare special forces
  • Vehicles
  • Ultra-rare Generals
  • And more.

Not only can you face off in an epic war and battle your friends in gameplay, but you can collect and trade to your hearts desire with your friends. Er, I mean, your kids can. Right. Because this is a toy and it’s for the children, right? Heh. Us grown-ups don’t ever want to hijack the toys and play with them, do we? Why would we ever do that!

There is the Green Army and the Blue Battalion and you never know what you will get with each Blind Box. That’s a big part of the fun! Each set comes with a surprise, revealing a new piece that you may not already have. If you do, just find a friend you can trade with! And they come with matching dog tags.

little green men unbox

My inner tomboy definitely came out when these came into the house, to be sure.

These would make great holiday stocking stuffers. The bigger sets, like the deluxe set, would make a decent smaller wrapped gift as well.

little green men

I personally think that the blind boxes are a lot of fun. Every single package is a surprise because you never know what you are going to get. Is it a figure or a vehicle that you already have so you will have to negotiate a trade with the kid down the block? Or is it that general that you really needed to complete your army.  And just when you think your collection is complete, maybe, just maybe, they will release a whole new set of figures in the next series! See? It’s a lot like Pokémon, but with ARMY MEN!

One of the coolest and most fun features with these is they have really fun names. With younger kids, some of the names won’t have the full effect, but with older kids, there will be lots of laughs that you can share with them. And really, I can see the potential for this being a whole family toy.

I can even see the potential for talking about plays on words and puns, so you could turn it into a learning toy if you wanted to and even debate and discuss different strategies with older kids about army stuff, so that could be one way to play with them as well. 

Really, with this unique and ingenious toy, the possibilities are endless. And where the thought used to be that army men were something for the boys, throw those gender lines right out the window because these are great for all kids, boys and girls alike.

So, if you are looking for a new and interesting stocking stuffer idea, one that won’t rot the kids’ teeth out of their mouth and have you signing over your next five paychecks to the dentist, and one that is not an electronic device that will rot out their brain cells, give these Awesome Little Green Men a try (and what’s with that name? Some of them are Blue! But I guess Little Green and Blue men was too long for the package). Your kids will thank you for it. And they are reasonably priced, so so will your wallet.

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