Flavored Lip Balms Will Never Get Old! {Mother’s Day Gift Guide}

Decades ago Lip Smacker released the very first flavored lip balm. Ever since then they’ve been one of the leading companies for lip balm! Whether it’s children, teenagers, or even adults, Lip Smacker always puts a flavorful smile on faces. With over a hundred different flavors offered, they also have new twists on the traditional lip balm cylinder shape, which could possibly be a great gift for the upcoming holiday.  

Mother’s Day is coming up so why not give mom new lip balms! Every mom can always, always use lip balm and nothing beats delicious flavored ones. Lip Smacker has so many different flavors they offer meaning there’s bound to be one if not ten flavors that mom would love to wear.

Lip Smacker

Lip Smacker sells all of their flavored lip balms separately but one of the best products they offer are the sets and party packs of variations of an idea they have. Packs of variations of one idea are good for the people that want to try many at once or giving as a gift to someone who may love the variations. 

The Coffee House Party Pack is a set of 8 different lip balms flavored with different beverages like coffee, tea, or lemonades. Absolutely perfect for us Mommy’s and or Daddy’s who have beverage cravings while also needing to moisturize their lips throughout the day. Flavors within this pack include Caramel Macchiato, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Chai, Mocha Frappe, Mandarin Mint, Green Tea Lemonade, Watermelon Lemonade, and Pomegranate Iced Tea. Aside from the wonderful flavor, Lip Smacker lip balms are moisturizing and soothing to the lips!

Lip Smacker offers the traditional cylinder shaped lip balm like many other lip balm companies offer. However, Lip Smacker has released a new line of lip balms that come in different shapes and sizes.

Lip Smacker

Lip Smacker

Their new line of soda cup lip balms are designed in the shape of different sodas in a cup, with a straw and all! The line has all of the world’s favorite sodas from Coca Cola to Orange Fanta hoping to satisfy those soda cravings while keeping the lips silky smooth. The idea behind the soda cup is a dome shaped lip balm where the top comes off and inside is the dome shaped, soda flavored, balm. Lip Smacker offers packs like the coffee break one containing 4 different soda flavors or individual soda cups. These soda cups are perfect for children who are tired of losing the traditional cylinder shaped lip balm. Aside from the shape, the soda cups are creative, fun and different from any Lip Smacker product released before!

Lip Smacker is perfect for the entire family, moms, dads, and especially the kids. Traditional mint flavored, or non scented lip balms can be boring and easy to forget but Lip Smacker has so many flavors that everyone in the family will want to constantly go back to because it tastes so good! Aside from the variations of so many flavors, Lip Smacker strives to maintain hydration for the lips, which is the main point of lip balm anyways! Give mom her favorite flavor of Lip Smacker or give a variety pack so she can try new flavors while still enjoying her favorite! Although lip balm may seem a modest gift, any mother will love and appreciate something as thoughtful as her favorite flavored lip balm.

Lip Smacker is offered in practically every retailing store all over the world. Not every retailer carries every single flavor and product but that is why lipsmacker.com is the best way to buy Lip Smacker products. They offer every single flavor and product they make, making it very easy to pick out what’s best for you and your mom on her special day!

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