Lillebaby EveryWear Organic Carrier Review

Are you a soon-to-be mom, a soon-to-be dad?  Or do you have a baby from 0 to 5 years old?  Then this is your lucky day!  Because today you have a choice to have an easier life going about your task with your baby literally close to you.  Gone were the days when you have to leave your wee one behind in her bed as you rush downstairs just so you can prepare your sandwich for a quick snack and rush back up in the middle of doing so because she suddenly wails needing your soothing warmth, or those days of going to the grocery with her tucked under your left arm and your toddler grasping your right hand and you wish you have another hand to grab the milk carton you so need to buy.  Now, the lillebaby EveryWear Carrier gives you the chance to live your daily routine stressed free at the same time assured that your wee one is comfortable and safe while you do so.

With lillebaby EveryWear carrier you have the option to carry your child with its six different functions: Cradle Carry/Sling for newborns and up to 4 months, Front Inward Facing with a small seat for younger babies up to 4 months, Front Inward Facing with a large seat for older babies up to 25 pounds, Front Outward Facing for babies up to 25 pounds, Hip Carry up to 42 pounds and Back Carry up to 42 pounds.  If in other carriers you notice the baby being carried in awkward position that proves harmful to their back bones, with lillebaby EveryWear carrier you are confident with the appropriate bone growth and care with the carriers ergonomic sitting position options.  In fact, lillebaby EveryWear carrier is designed not only for the baby’s comfort but also for the parent carrying them.  Hurting your back in carrying your baby is not something you should bear with, therefore, it was specifically made for you to carry the weight on your hips and arms where you are strongest.  Lillebaby thinks of both the baby and you.  An example is the insert provided for a newborn to be positioned with it legs on the side as this is the most preferred position that gives them physical comfort in the same manner that it will be the best position for the mother to breastfeed.  Another is the provision of a safety harness, a removable head support and sleeping hood that are made available as an added precaution, care and protection to the babies, which in turn can be easily removed for the convenience of parents in carrying and storing the carrier.

It truly is commendable that lillebaby EveryWear carrier has it all…but there are more to offer.  The carrier has three styles to choose from:

  • EveryWhere Style – Made of lightweight microfiber in colors red, black and chocolate.

  • EveryWhere Sport – Made of lightweight, breathable mesh fabric in Graphite color.
  • EveryWhere Organic – Made of organic cotton and bamboo in earth color.

I had a chance to review the organic carrier as I am a fan of bamboos.  The extra padding in the shoulder pads meant for sensitive individuals like me and the large pocket to store my cellular phone which I carry around all the time, and those little things I can’t part with counts too.

Now, you can truly enjoy your baby and your lillebaby EveryWear carrier as your baby can enjoy you and everything else around her.  Just make sure you are using the best baby carrier, the lillebaby EveryWear carrier, the carrier to love by you and your baby.

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