LifeFactory Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve Review And Giveaway Ends 2/27

lifefactorybottles4ozlifefactorylogoBreastfeed is always best for babies. But there are instances that we come to the deciding point, by switching to feeding bottles, and most of the time this is a case to case basis. As I come to this, my quest to ensure my child’s safety begins; in fact I tend to be more meticulous, from searching the most accurate formula milk for my daughter to finding-out the best feeding bottles in town.

[DFR::43930692-10398035-cj|align_left_1] Lifefactory offers a solution for mother’s meticulous standard. Their product line includes baby feeding bottles and accessories, to adult essentials. Lifefactory also hold a strong background on producing quality and eco-friendly products. They started in 2007 initially launching their BPA-free products (BPA stands for Bisphenol A, a chemical that is commonly present in many hard bottles), and free from other harmful plasticizers such as phenol and PVC.

lifefactoryproductsI received this 4 oz (118ml) glass baby bottle with silicon sleeves (orange) from Lifefactory for product trial and evaluation this week. Before the product of Lifefactory was introduced to us, we’ve already been using glass feeding bottles with curvy easy-to grip sides in colorful feminine designs for my 20 months old daughter. I never use plastic bottles for my daughter. Every night I’m preparing 1-2 bottles of 8 oz servings of milk and one 4 oz of water, this is the average consumption of my little girl during night time. At first I used the 4oz glass bottle by Lifefactory for my daughter’s water. The following day my daughter asks me to transfer her homo milk to this 4oz glass feeding bottle by Lifefactory; at first I thought that she’s just fond of the orange color. I told her that we have to wait ‘till the bottle is half empty before I grant her wish. But instead, my little girl gave her feeding bottle to me, suggesting that I need to drink it up for her. And so I thought maybe I should have obeyed her in the first place, she is hungry and she wants to drink from the Lifefactory’s 4oz glass feeding bottle. I am amazed how Lifefactory glass feeding bottle satisfies my daughter. All materials used in Lifefactory’s product are FDA approved. Their feeding baby glass bottles are a bit bigger in circumference compared to other regular glass bottles, but the sleeve will make it easier for your baby’s grip. The sleeves can also be sterilized together with the bottle and dishwasher-safe too. I found the teats or nipple of this 4oz glass bottle to be soft and durable, which is the first reason why my daughter wants to drink her milk from the 4 oz orange sleeve glass bottle.



LifeFactoryBottlesTwo days after product testing, I would like to purchase the Lifefactory 9oz glass feeding bottles in orange and yellow sleeve. Glass feeding bottles were used way back in time, but due to the dangers of using glass materials, plastic becomes the alternative. Now it is increasingly becoming popular once more. I am most thankful to the innovation made by Lifefactory, the “sleeves” efficiently protects the glass, and they simply take away my slippage-worries on glass feeding bottles. I am privileged to have the chance to test Lifefactoy’s product, fortunately I was able to asses my baby’s needs, and according to my daughter, she needs the big ones. You can purchase or view their products by logging into their website at


 You can purchase LifeFactory Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve Here!


Lifefactory is generously offering one of Natural Baby Goods readers a 4 oz. Glass Bottle in the winners choice of color! Contest ends Feb 27, 2010. OPEN TO USA and CANADA!

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  1. Holly M says:

    Email Subscriber (Entry 1)

    Facebook Fan (Entry 2)

    Favorite LifeFactory Item is Beverage Bottles (Entry 3)

    Thanks for the Chance to Win an Awesome Product!!

  2. Laura Benjamin says:

    I love the grips on the bottle as my daughter is just getting to the stage where she wants to help me hold her bottle. The colors are so much fun! Entry-2

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