LeapFrog Talking LapPup And Rockin’ Guitar Review – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide


When we got cool toys from LeapFrog, my daughter was really excited, especially when she saw that the other toy was perfect for her baby brother, too. We received the Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar™ and the My Talking LapPup™ all from my most favorite and loved toy company, LeapFrog®. These two toys are some of the new and genius innovations from them that, as always, my daughter is fond of and I highly tolerate.

leapfrog guitar

I want to share first what I thought of the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar. It is appropriate for ages 3 and up. Though my daughter is already 4 and has her own broader and deeper idea of fun toys, she still had herself amusing over it for days. I even feel like I have musical composer on the making as I often catch her composing her own melodies and songs with it. It’s really priceless to see such a scene. It has a lot of great features for kids and I find it fit for a Christmas present.

I love how it is touch-activated. Kids can have fun playing pretend that they’re really playing the guitar and they have 10 different learning songs to choose from. There are no real strings, just a plastic pad that acts like the string. As it is strummed, it plays music and the song’s speed depends on how fast or slow the strumming goes. This will really be ideal for boosting their confidence and motor skills. Not only can they strum away but they can also give percussion and other sound effects a try with an “applause” button to cap off their performance.

leapfrog lappup

For the LeapFrog My Talking LapPup, I remembered how my daughter was when she was about 18 months. She had this beaming interest over things that have buttons, sounds or lights (or all of it) in one object which she cannot play with. Now, this LapPup can be the best resolution to that toddler-problem—if you have the same curious toddler at home. It’s like a pretend laptop made especially for kids who can’t be fooled with a fake gadget but can’t absolutely have the real thing.

It has this puppy, Scout (green one) or Violet, as the face which is its lid that can be lifted up and down for a game of peek-a-boo! Its mouth lights up for every interaction a child does with it and this makes it look like it actually is talking. It comes with 5 buttons which are for different learning options like the Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes and more. Toddlers will definitely enjoy themselves while learning. Bring it anywhere since it’s portable, lightweight and has a handle at the side.

These are excellent for gifts for kids this Christmas. They’re fun to play with and help in making learning fun and interesting. LeapFrog never fails to do that with every toy they put in the market. For years, I have trusted them to bring only the best toys for my daughter (and now, for my son, too!) Go grab them now or add them to your Christmas Shopping list!

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