2012 Back To School Guide – Biodegradable Reusable Lunch Bag From Lavish & Lime #Giveaway

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Reusable lunch bags are so in these days and I’m really into them. And right now, I certainly love and adore the back-to-school eco-collection special that Lavish & Lime sent me called Kids PVC-Free Biodegradable Reusable Lunch Bag. I received the Pink Monkey for my daughter. From the looks of it, I could tell my daughter would fall in love with it, too. It’s perfectly adorable, plus, it’s waste-free!

 reusable lunch bag

Since getting back to school means looking forward to great (or awful) lunch to munch, I find it important that lunch bags should be very attractive and inviting for kids to bring and open during their lunch time. The Lavish and Lime Reusable Kids Biodegradable Lunch Bag is not only environmentally friendly but is very child-friendly, too. The name alone says a lot about how safe it is for children to use especially food is involved in its usage. It is PVC-free and is made up of non-toxic materials.

Unlike other reusable lunch bags, Lavish and Lime Reusable Kids Biodegradable Lunch Bag could decompose when thrown away. This is because of the material called Ariaprene which it is made of. The bag can decay in places like landfills, so you could easily dump them in a garbage just like ordinary trash (just remove the zipper puller, first!) Also, these Lunch Bags use water-base adhesive making it absolutely biodegradable.

Though it may sound that the bag is made up of such materials that are cushiony, child-friendly and so on, the lunch bag is really sturdy. It has straps that are securely sewn and has interior mesh pockets for any purpose it may be for packing food. It stores your kid’s food inside securely with no worries about the possibility that the material content could be harmful. Temperature is also retained inside to keep your kid’s meal warm longer. The bag can be machine-washed and dripped-dry—easy to clean in case my daughter accidentally spills juice on/in it. It’s perfect for everyday use because of its durability and can be stored easily, too — flattens by itself or rolls up when empty.

With this remarkable back-to-school essential, children not only get to have uniformed Biodegradable Lunch Bags because it comes in really cute and dainty designs that they can choose from and stand out with. There are, for this collection, designs like flowers, lady bug, cow, rocket, big cheese lunch snack, happy frog and more. It also comes in a very reasonable price of less than $30 considering how safe it is to use and how you get to contribute in helping Mother Nature.

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Biodegradable Reusable Lunch Bag

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  1. Mrs Rosemary Macphaden says:

    This is soooo cute…..I like this myself,but its too cute for me..LOL I would love to win this for one of my cute sweet little neices,they would adore it.

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