Lalaloopsy Dyna Might Doll – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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A lot of dolls have come and go from the hands of my daughter. Ever since she started learning the art of appreciating and having fun with girly toys, the list of dolls she loves just goes on and on. Adding to her top favorites at present are the Lalaloopsy Dolls. She adores her first doll from the collection which is Dyna Might. For Christmas, I think she’ll be wishing to collect a few more of them—we’ll see about that!

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Upon receiving our own Lalaloopsy Doll, I was impressed as to how cute the packaging was. Dyna Might and her accessories were in a house-shaped box with a green handle that looks like a plastic string of buttons. The back has a picture of Dyna Might and her raccoon where the background was the Lalaloopsy Land which is her home. There is a small patch at the upper right corner, too, which had some information about her. Dyna Might is the 8th of Series 9 and is recommended for children ages 4 years and above.

Lalaloopsy Dolls are American rag dolls that are really cute. As told by their story, they

“…were once rag dolls who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn. Now they live in a fantastical world full of silly surprises. With your love, their magic can go on forever”.

They have personalities according to the fabric they were made of. Each doll has a unique personality, origin and a pet. For Lalaloopsy Dyna Might, her pet is a raccoon. She’s said to have been sewn from a hero’s cape on April 28th which is the National Hero’s Day. This made her to be very adventurous and fearless. Her dominant characteristics as an action hero are that she’s really speedy and uses per pink powered goggles to save the day.

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Standing at 33 cm, Dyna Might wears an orange sequined mini dress and a sequined pink cape paired with white knee-high boots. Her dress has a belt with a button as its buckle. She has this adorable green hair with a pair of pink ribbons. Her head, arms and legs are articulated. Kids can also detach her shoes, cape and goggles as they play. As for a pet and a loyal sidekick, a goggled orange raccoon is included in the set.

Lalaoopsy Dolls may appear to be ordinary dolls. Some moms will see them to be just another collection of dolls for little girls to go crazy for. But, they have a more special agenda. Lalaloopsy Dolls push children to use their creativity and imagination. Each doll has unique characteristics which help kids develop their own individuality by teaching them that there’s nothing wrong about being different. It may sound exaggerated for a doll to do but small steps of introducing these life lessons through play will someday yield a big results.

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