Klutz Jr…New Paths to Learning {Giveaway}

Klutz JR

I am always interested in toys and crafts that combine both fun and learning for children of all ages. I particularly enjoy being a part of a new learning experience for my children and then watching as they continue along the path, their minds and imaginations expanding beyond their own boundaries.

Klutz products have been around for many years, creating and providing ongoing fun and learning experiences for kids. Up until now Klutz has devised activity kits for ages 8 and older. Now, however, the manufacturers of Klutz creative activities is introducing a whole new line of exciting and inventive books and activity sets for the four-year-old and over crowd. Dubbed Klutz Jr., these new and ingenious learning sensations are geared toward pre-schoolers, and are, therefore, created to target four-year-olds right in their own developmental stages. These activity sets are designed by a team of early learning professionals, child safety specialists, and kid testers so that they touch on everything that will spark the imagination of pre-schoolers this age, and encourage them to learn and keep learning.

Klutz Jr. has recently come out with their first four book and activity kits and is planning to introduce another four in the Fall of 2017. The very first kits are My Clay Critters, My Egg Carton Animals, My Twinkly Tiaras, and My Hand Art.

My Clay Critters focuses on giving children the practice they need with their fine motor coordination. My son loves having the chance to mold the six different colored clays included with the kit into as many as ten little characters from under the sea, using the shaping tool made just for his hands to shape them and create them. He adds to his creations custom pieces, also included, while following instructions that are written especially for him to understand.

My Egg Carton Animals comes with everything my little guy needs to fashion his own barnyard animals, even right down to the egg cartons! These cartons are made to be able to easily pull apart and then glue back together in order to create the different shapes of the animals. Accessories in the kit include cotton balls, pre-cut shapes, googly eyes and paint, all adding to the ongoing fun of learning and creating. The book includes interesting animal facts that only add to the amusement and enjoyment of the kit.

My Twinkly Tiaras

My Twinkly Tiaras

My Twinkly Tiaras, although focusing on the imaginations of my preschooler, also appeals to my eight-year-old daughter. Creating is a great learning experience for every age, and this set comes with three different crowns, all ready to become fit for a princess. Dozens of cut out shapes and gems are included that enable kids to create unique and original crowns. No two are ever alike! Three mini crowns come with the set that can also be decorated, and will fit perfectly on the heads of dolls and stuffed animals that have taken up residence my kid’s rooms.

My Hand Art is all about my son learning to create designs by tracing his own little hands. This activity set also targets fine motor coordination as he creates as many as 20 different hand art designs, like a sea monster, a cat, a car, and so many more. Included in this set are crayons, googly eyes, glue, and pom poms to decorate his hand creations with.

Klutz Jr.  has successfully put out another fun learning experience for children, this time including the preschool gang. Four-year-olds are little sponges, just soaking in all the input given them. I love knowing that now both my children can benefit from the unique learning experiences offered by Klutz and will be able to keep on the road to learning while enjoying every step for a long time to come.

Win My Clay Critters, My Egg Carton Animals, My Twinkly Tiaras, and My Hand Art!

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  1. Karrie Cheung says:

    I want to win because my friend is a new mom and it would be great if she can get him started early on the importance of kinesthetic learning!

  2. Angela Mitchell says:

    I’d love to win so I could do some crafts with my son. I.m trying to encourage him to do some more art activities.

  3. Monique L.S. says:

    My daughter loves doing arts & crafts, so she would definitely enjoy these items. Oddly, she saw the My Hand Art book in the Scholastic newsletter and jeeps asking for it.

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