Kidorable Rain Gear Review And Giveaway


Rainy days are fast approaching and what better way to take care of our kids but let them be in full battle gear. Battle gear means raincoat and rain boots. As parents, or as a mom, we’re always in search for the cute ones because they’re cute, right? I have a daughter and of course, I need something girly and at the same time cute.

Kidorable’s Lotus Flower Rain Coat is just perfect for my little girl.

kidorable lotus rain coat

I love that the design is not the usual flowers like daisies or roses, but it’s a lotus flower, which has more meaning and represents something more. Even though kids don’t really appreciate this kind of flower yet, I appreciate it as a mother because the design has depth. The raincoat is just very irresistible, when it came; I wished they had something in my size. I wouldn’t mind wearing the same thing as my daughter is wearing. We’ll be so cute together! Anyway, aside from it being completely irresistible, it is also very stylish. This specific raincoat is the core of the Kidorable ensemble and it has this matching detachable hood that is just adorable. When it comes to comfort, I knew it will be so comfortable because I checked the “make” of this rain coat and noticed that it comes with this super comfy polyester lining. The best thing? It comes in various sizes! Your little baby girls can wear this raincoat as early as 12 months! Another thing I love about this as well is that it has a matching Kidorable hanger!!! It’s so cute you have to see it in the flesh to truly appreciate how cute it is.

A raincoat won’t be complete without some cute rain boots as well and it has a matching pair of boots (sold separately), which is the Lotus Flower Rain Boots.

Kidorable lotus rain boots

My daughter loves splashing some puddles in it; it’s a puddle magnet! I love that it’s made of natural rubber and really the cutest. Imagine your daughter walking around the neighborhood with this pair of rain boots and that gorgeous and cute raincoat from Kidorable. She will definitely be the cutest little girl in the neighborhood or even the whole town.

What’s best about these two products from Kidorable is that aside from being made from excellent materials and they are very cute, both are very affordable as well. These items can also be great presents for your niece or for your goddaughter. These will definitely light up the eyes of little girls all over the world.

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