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In this very forward age, I’ve realized that even today’s high chairs should no longer just serve as an aid in feeding babies. Likewise, I should no longer settle for a high chair that is obviously just an elevated form of an adult dining chair, which says little about comfort and safety. This kind of chair was probably the top standard when life was not yet as fast as it is now, where yesterday’s parents were more patient and had more time in their hands. But as a modern, busy mom in a highly fast-paced world, I realized that I needed a high chair that will keep my child from wanting to get out of it, especially if his mealtime is not yet over! Every minute of fuss-free child activity counts!

 trio 3-in-1 high chair

So if there’s one thing to praise about this very era that I’m in, it’s definitely about baby products that keep on making parents’ lives easier through continuous innovation. I’m talking about our Trio 3-in-1 High Chair by Ingenuity, which is an amazing trio of a full high chair, a booster seat, and toddler smart chair. This is really something that grows with my 19-month old boy, and will excite him every time. We have the Avondale design, which is of cute colourful zigzags on the seat cover. 

The first thing that both I and my son would want from a high chair is of course, COMFORT. The Trio is very impressive in this aspect because it has three positions of adjustable recline for the full high chair and booster seat functions. You know how the most unpredictable kids would suddenly want to lean back! Even if leaning back means not wanting to have another bite of his food, at least he’s not itching to get out of his very comfy seat! The Trio also has four adjustable locking positions for the tray, which is very important to me as it optimizes leg room for the child, and also prevents ouchy knee and leg bumps. 

The second, or almost equal aspect with comfort, is CONVENIENCE. I’m very happy that the Trio is a portable one, with four wheels for easy transport, with rear wheel lock for stability and safety. It’s a plus for me since there’s no need to carry the high chair around, and it’s fun for my kid since he loves to ride! And despite its 3-in-1 function, it’s easy to assemble, as well as reassemble according to the chosen seat mode. The tray, which is easy to move with one hand, also has built-in cup holders,  and is dishwasher-friendly. While the removable seat cover and seat straps are machine washable

Although SAFETY is the third I would expect from a high chair since kids’ mealtimes should always be supervised by a parent or guardian regardless of a high chair’s safety profile, the Trio did such a great job with it. The rear wheel locks are indeed firm and stable. And there’s the 5-point safety harness for full high chair and booster seat modes, and the 3-point safety harness for toddler chair or “restaurant-style” mode.

trio 3in1 high chair 

And the least that I would expect from a high chair, is the unexpected BONUS! The Trio can seat two kids when using both the booster seat and toddler smart chair functions. This means, the full high chair is actually a combination of the two other seat modes. That’s so much of a great value for us, because the extra seat would be great for mealtime playdates with one of my son’s toddler friends or cousins. 

The Trio definitely grows with the child, but my 19-month old has been enjoying all the three modes that we’ve been alternating, depending on his mood and the place where he’s eating. So I guess, the Trio also goes with anything too!

**Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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    Is there a way that I can purchase just a cover for my high chair? I have purchased one and had my fabric rip. Please send my info if available .

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