Hoover Cruise Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum Review

I didn’t know vacuuming my house could be so easy and even enjoyable, until I had the Hoover Cruise Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum. The name practically says it all, ultra-light and cordless! Hoover has been making vacuums for years now and they’ve all changed with time, for the better. This has definitely changed the game for vacuums.

Hoover Cruise

Being cordless is one of the best things a vacuum can be. The vacuum runs on a battery-operated system, which always lasts long enough to get my entire house done without having to stop to charge it. I don’t have to worry about plugging and unplugging the cord each time I change rooms with this which makes the job ten times easier and more enjoyable. Being cordless also aids in that it’s safer since I do have little ones running around the house. It puts my mind at ease knowing I can vacuum without hoping my children don’t accidentally trip over the cord.

Hoover cruise review

Remember decades ago when the only vacuums that were made were heavy and bulky? Well, the Hoover Cruise Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum is the perfect weight. Having a vacuum that weighs less than five pounds is every mother’s dream. It is easy to carry from room to room and taking it up and down the stairs isn’t a struggle because it’s so perfectly light. Aside from just being light, it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the closet either. It mounts up onto the wall holding it in place. It’s rare nowadays that any vacuums are made to have a specific spot within the closet, which is another reason I love this vacuum so much. The size is absolutely perfect and being able to keep it in place on the wall makes it easy to find each time I need it.

Hoover Cruise Cordless

My favorite feature about this vacuum is that this vacuum is extremely versatile. The top detaches and becomes it’s own hand vacuum for little crumbs and messes that are easier to reach quickly and close up. The top snaps right off and goes in easier than ever. Unlike most products that are convertible this one is very easy to take apart or put back together! The entire vacuum itself can also reach just about anywhere because it is so slim. It steers in any direction making it easy to get to small corners or behind couches. If dust accumulates on blinds or even on corner ceilings than the extended wand it comes with makes it easier to get rid of.

The Hoover Cruise Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum was also seemingly made to accommodate both carpet and hard surfaced floors. Instead of busting out the old school dustpan and broom, I am able to use my vacuum for both. Knocking all the floors out at once is a task that any mom can relate to being a triumph. The brush roll can be turned on or off depending which floor you’re doing, which is a nice option to get the most out of the vacuum. Cleaning the brush is quite easy as well. It pops in and out to make for an easy way to dispose of excess hair or dust.

If you’re like me with two young children running around the house than you know that vacuuming is an essential part of the day. Having a vacuum that is affordable, versatile, and just plain efficient makes cleaning up at the end of the day less dreadful. Hoover has always made great vacuums, this one just reinstating their quality and intuitive to make vacuuming a great experience for every mom or dad out there.

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