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We all know how busy and hectic back to school time can be. With all the chaos of buying school supplies, buying new clothes, and getting all of the equipment together that your children will need to have a successful school year, us parents can easily get overwhelmed. With such long to-do lists, we can sometimes forget a basic necessity: our child’s wellness. It is so important to make sure our children stay healthy throughout the school year, so that they are able to do their absolute best.

Halls Pops

The brand Halls has recently released their new Halls Kids Pops. They have produced two varieties of their new product, and the two varieties come in a total of three different flavors that kids love. One version of their new product is the Halls Kids Cough and Sore Throat Pops and it comes in the flavors “cherry” and “strawberry”. The other version is the Halls Kids Vitamin C Pops which come in the flavor “orange”. The Cough and Sore Throat Pops help fight cough, soothe sore throats, and also cool nasal passages. They provide fast-acting relief so they are great to use year round. Another awesome thing about this product is that they come in resealable bags.

The Vitamin C Pops each contain 60 mg of Vitamin C that your child can have each day. These pops also have a resealable bag that helps save all of the flavor.

I was lucky enough to get these for my children to try, and they absolutely loved them. They loved the taste of the pops, so it was no problem having my children use them. Halls did an awesome job with their new product!

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