Hasbro Spiderman Stunt City Playset and Tonka Chuck & Friends Tonrado Tower Playset For Little Boys – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide


A nephew of mine was on my mind when I received two amazing toys from Hasbro just recently. It’s a couple of playsets namely Spider-Man Stunt City Playset and Tonka Chuck & Friends Tornado Tower Playset. Both looked really presentable and though I’m used to receiving girly toys for my daughter for the past years, I could definitely say that these two playsets will make young boys go crazy for weeks!

hasbro SPIDER-MAN STUNT CITY playset

The Spider-Man Stunt City Playset gave me the impression of “all-out fun time” for boys with an undying love for superheroes. This set includes the stunt city, Spider-Man figure and his motorcycle. Spider-man can perform about 7 stunts. The middle part, which looks like a bricked wall and resembles Spider-Man’s face, has a magnet inside. Using the yellow-post at its side and placing the action figure on the wall, the wall-climbing action begins. Reaching the rooftop, he’ll be flips standing up. He can go down via 2 ways: swinging through his web or swirl down through the twisted pole at the other side.

The motorcycle is for some action-on-wheels. Spider-Man can ride on it and pass through his headquarters’ garage or be a daredevil on the ramp just behind the playset. There’s also this huge green hand which when pulled down while Spider-Man stands by the window, his enemy (The Lizard) appears and he sways strategically downwards to save himself from the attack. Playing is made even more fun with the sounds and music playing while Spider-Man busts crimes in the city.

Boys age 3-7 years old will have endless fun playing with Spider-Man Stunt City Playset and can even bring it anywhere they please. It can be folded and has a handle for easy hand-carry or storage. Also, if playtime is over and they still have a hang of it, a storybook on Spider-Man Lost Treasure is included. This can be great for a bedtime story or an idea-source for the next Spider-Man adventure he’s planning for tomorrow.


Next set I got is the Tonka Chuck & Friends Tornado Tower Playset. This one features Chuck the Dump Truck which is an exclusive Tonka Chunk car. Remember, only Tonka Chunk cars can be used on this playset. The highlight is the twisted track where Chuck is going to ride down without falling off. Once he reaches the finish line at the bottom, it jumps a little and the 2 finish flags throw themselves out like a victory gesture.

There are sounds and 30 different phrases that can be heard while the child plays along. Chuck can be placed on the car check-up area and phrases about it will be sound off, too. Reaching the starting line of the twisted track which is at the peak of the playset is through the lift at the side. Each advance on the lift gives off some more phrases.

I find these 2 playsets absolutely fun and engaging for young boys to play with. Both encourages creativity and imagination for playing and will keep them preoccupied. My only concerns are the facts that the Tonka Chuck & Friends Tornado Tower Playset permits few and repetitive actions while both are most recommendable for only one player. Other than that, I don’t see more problems with the playsets. They will spice up any Christmas shopping-/wish-list as a Holiday gift for sons, nephews, grandsons and friends’ kids. I’m sure about that!

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