GuideCraft Creation Station Art Center Review And Giveaway Ends 5/23

We struggle to keep everything in balance, and if we don’t have any out-lets, we resort to unlikely habits. I am grateful that my mother did her very best to strengthen my creative side. As I grew older, I got engaged to different arts and crafts, from pottery, beading, cross-stitching, jewelry wire crafting and more. I am not claiming to be a domestic goddess like Martha, but I like her and understand her as well.


Two weeks ago I received this Creation Station Art Center for product evaluation. This educational art-package came from GuideCraft Company, Creators of Fine Educational Toys and Furniture. My daughter is almost 2 years old, I felt so overwhelmed when we got this Creation Station Art Center. I had a vision that my daughter is about to be the ‘mini-me’, on the other hand I just felt that I’m totally equipped to pass on the creative values that my mom taught me.

The Creation Station Art Center by GuideCraft is like a mini laboratory of creative minds, complete with easy-to grab crayon & brush bins, a practical storage for supplies. It has a folding rack, where a child can clip and let their artwork dry, 4 recessed paint cups and 2 recessed tool & brush trays which will stabilize the whole ‘art-session’. There’s also a safe and easy cutter for rolled paper, paper towel holder and 6 supply shelves this includes the 3 paper bins, and then of course, 2 stools.

The Creation Station Art Center by GuideCraft is like an all-in-one /multi-purpose artist’s desk. It’s the little version of architect’s drafting table. My daughter and I were so excited and so as my husband who insists to assemble the Creation Station Art Center. In no time, my child’s Creation Station Art Center is ready to use, and for I thank the ‘hero ‘of our home. Honestly, the assembling instruction is very easy, I can do it all by myself. It’s just so happened that we received the Creation Station Art Center by GuideCraft when my husband came back from work, where his handyman persona is unstoppable.





The first thing I did was I introduced the art materials to our child, and then my husband and daughter watched my ‘art-demo’. Finally, it was our daughter’s turn, my husband and I sat on the floor. We watched our child, as she held the brush lightly and drew her very first yellow flower. My daughter had a difficulty clipping her art-work on the drying rack. Her self-esteem was soaring that she doesn’t need my help, and then it frustrates her, so we practiced. In two days, she’s all set to clip her art work by herself.

We also bought her three bottles of paint in red, yellow and green. So she can pour just a right amount of paint into these 3 paint cups, the other extra cup for any combined colors, and then you can place these cups on the desk. You can place these three bottles of paint under the desk; mini-shelves are made for instant access to your child’s art supplies.

I find these two recessed tool and brush trays, very practical, my child had fun creating artworks without dropping her art-tools. The wholeness of this Creation Station Art Center by GuideCraft is magnificent, it has practical storages and “goes with the movement scheme” or ergonomics. This is an art station whereas as a mom, you’ll be inspired to collect art materials, because the Creation Station Art Center by GuideCraft is made to de-clutter the child’s art tools as well.

The desk got 4 holes, in which you’ll place these cups, the holes are meant to hold these paint cups steadily and it levels with the desk as well. The idea of having an easy-to-reach paper towel holder is very clever, by that my child learned to clean-up her little hands when she’s done with her ‘project’.

The easy to use cutter for rolled paper is very safe to use, as you see, through my demo my daughter learned how to use the tools, after that, she can have it her way. I felt secured because I really paid attention to every materials used in Creation Station Art Center, and by that I can assure you, this is an investment for your child’s creative exploration.

The 6 mini-shelves and the drawer are useful, I also see how my daughter is encouraged to place her art material after using it, and I’m proud to say that my daughter keeps her things very organized. Organizational skills are enhanced by the use of this Creation Station Art Center by GuideCraft.

In my opinion, this Creation Station Art Center by GuideCraft stimulates creativity and independence at the same time. I do support the expressions of creativity so much; I got to understand my daughter’s desires and imagination.

The overall packaging of the Creation Station Art Center by GuideCraft is inspiring, the appeal and color would make any child sit on the stool in an instant, and stay for hours, just like my kid. The quality and materials are superb. I saw how the paint dries out easily, as the brushes compliments the colors and the quality papers makes my child’s artwork extra special.

For over 40 years, GuideCraft never ceased to produce quality and unique playful furniture. That’s why I treasure my child’s Creation Art Center for it came from the best. One last thing, I got to accomplish more chores because of this Creation Art Center by GuideCraft. So if you want a win-win situation for you and your child, take a tour at


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  1. cd says:

    I also like the art activity cart. i could see using it to hold our homeschool supplies. crayolaswap at hotmail dot com

  2. Erin d says:

    I love the Mission storage bench with baskets – exactly the kind of thing I always hope to find when I go furniture shopping and until now, have not! Terrific.

  3. Selmada says:

    Subscribed via email
    homejunk at shaw dot ca

    I love this table. I’ve been looking at kids tables as my twins approach 1. This is the best I’ve seen so far.

  4. Jill Myrick says:

    I also like the New York Yankees Directors Chair.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  5. R Hicks says:

    I love their High Rise Step-Up. Perfect for little ones to reach where they normally can’t.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

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