Go Green Lunch Box Review And Giveaway Ends 3/26


Everywhere we turn to; eco-solutions are on front of our noses. Eco-fuel advertisements, eco-beauty products and so as to organic foods but why are we really doing this? My simple ode is for next generation. Perhaps we are taking a full grasp of something that we used to know as out of our hands.

Honestly as a new parent, I felt some sort of shame to kind of world that I’ll be sharing with my daughter. I firmly believe that this is the time where every little step counts.

Go Green Lunch Box, where eco-sense and style meet for lunch, was established in 2008. The Go Green Lunch Box was founded by a mother named Kim Castner who happens to felt the same thread that I once had. Calls to mothers who need to do something better for her child’s world is undeniable. For those who take the lead, in my opinion the best way is to follow. Kim Castner partnered with a family friend who is also an international businessman Mr. Hinman Dunn. Passion and expertise merged, whereas their Go Green Lunch Box and bottle have qualified in the relevant FDA extract and California Proposition 65, the nation’s most rigid law that regulates environmental health and safety.


Two weeks ago I received the Orbit model from Go Green Lunch Box for product review. The Orbit Go Green Lunch Box is a stylish, convenient, reusable food container. On our travels I used this to store my child’s foods. It includes water bottle and insulated bag that allows a lunch to be packed without using plastic bags, food wrappers, and other single-use items that eventually find their way to our landfills. Sounds good enough? Wait ‘till you hear how much my little girl and I enjoyed her green polka-dotted Orbit Go Green Lunch Box.


Go Green Lunch Box  gives you the freedom and assurance to place your child’s food in a way that you don’t need to worry about the harmful plasticizers that can be encountered in the ordinary lunch box. The Go Green Lunch Box is lead-free and leach-free, we are familiar about the harmful contents of lead and so as to leach- free, it excludes the process of using the Bishophenol A or BPA. I find it very clever that my child is practicing a green lunch program that teach her how to have trash free lunch, waste free lunch, with the help of Go Green Lunch box reusable food container and water bottle. The whole Orbit set appeal, excites her. The reusable food container is green so the foods that I prepared stands out, due to the color impact.

Reduce; reuse and recycle would not be hard to embed in our child’s virtues if we familiarize them with the system. Pre-school, elementary school needs to practice with environmentally-friendly lunch box in addition that they can enjoy their lunch as soon as they are hungry, with clean hands of course, no more unwrapping hassles.

Explore the www.gogreenlunchbox.com to lighten up your child’s lunch break. I have a tested idea that I would like to share with you, the Go Green Lunch Box is ideally suited for everyone who wants to carry some home-cooked sandwiches or food, first we save a lot of money and we set a good example to the younger generation. The Go Green Lunch box is available in simple to colorful designs and to note their classy fabric no doubt that it would really bring the eco-sense and style in you and your loved ones.


Go Green Lunch Box is Generoulsy giving one of Natural Baby Goods readers A Go Green Lunch Box!

Contest ends Mar 26, 2010. OPEN TO USA and Canada!

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  1. Louise M. says:

    Do like the five compartment for the food storage. Love the grease Lightning design. Thank you for the give away.

  2. Jen Michouris says:

    I like the Orbit style. And I like that the bag has a box with sections inside. It would make it very easy to separate foods ans make nutritious lunches.

  3. Nad says:

    My favorite features are the non-toxic coating and the erasable white board for love notes to my kid or reminders from mom! My favorite model is the Confetti Set. Cute!

  4. Tonya Filleman says:

    Love them, Love them, Love them!!! If I was getting one for my boys, it would be the camo one….but for my daughter and me…it would have to be the daisy one!

  5. Paula says:

    I love that it’s reusable and cuts down on waste. The variety of compartments makes it easy to pack a healthy lunch — a few grapes, a piece of cheese, etc.

  6. Marlene Vazquez says:

    I love that it has an erasable white board in it — how perfect to send reminders to school for them. I love the Grease Lightning design best:) Thanks for the great giveaway.

  7. Belinda M says:

    favorite feature is the erasable white board. What a great idea
    My favorite model is the black stallion


  8. zcb257 says:

    I love the idea of this altogether! Specifically like the turn and lock to keep things fresh and leak resistant. I would like the plain black one for me son.

  9. Krista says:

    What a terrific product! I feel guilty every time I use a ziplock bag, so this is definitely the product for me – not to mention the special space for the water bottle so it doesn’t crush the rest of the lunch and turn it to much! Thank you for the opportunity to try and win one!!!!!!!!

  10. sarah says:

    I visited the gogreen website. I like the camo set best, so my son can use it at school. My favorite feature is that it’s all one tray not a bunch of separate little containers. I also LOVE that it’s dishwasher safe!

  11. Amanda says:

    I am a confirmed subscriber. I went to the website and I like the “Ivy League Set”. I like the way it has one lid. We use the laptop lunch system and while it works for us, my friend’s daughter lost a lid. The replacement containers are $20!!! I think that this is better for smaller children as lids can be difficult for a 4 year old to put on. I also like you on facebook (user Amanda Wright).

  12. Anne Q says:

    Not a fan. The silicone liners that keep the compartments separated have to be removed and hand washed and are difficult to get back in for a family that is always in a hectic time crunch, and now, week two of school, one has already been lost. The fact that I cannot find conformation that it is BPA free, and also the fact that it was made in China contribute to my regretful purchase.

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