Global Green Pals From Little Cool Toys Review


Have you ever searched for a doll that not only is fun but can teach you about the environment? Are you tired off all the robots and cars that send out the message of not taking care of the global environment? The Global Green pals come with an idea of dolls that represent different types of environmental problems and their solutions.


Clean air Kate is a great toy as it represents a girl who enjoys the outdoor activities, she will always choose her bike over the car and she wants the world a little more greener so she plants trees to change the world. Her appearance is cute and friendly as she inspires positive atmosphere. She is accompanied by a tag which tells you her story and what are her beliefs and also a recyclable sign as she can be reused if you choose to recycle it.

These types of dolls are created so the children are more aware of the problems the world is facing. Also the problems they will face one day. They will learn what to do and how to do it on topics like: global warming, recycling and pollution. The dolls inspire new minds towards a positive action and thinking regarding the problems that the environment is facing and especially how to act in order to save it.

The material from which the dolls are created is 100% organic cotton. Also the clothing and accessories are made from natural fibers and texture so the message is pretty clear. This proves the message of the toy as it clearly shows what the beliefs are.

My daughter simply adores playing with Kate as she founds her very fun. She is a little young to understand the message of the toy but she appreciates riding a tricycle and also she has learned that trees are beautiful. She will learn eventually.

To conclude with I am strongly on the side of protecting the environment and I consider this a great modality to learn. The kids get environmentally aware from an early stage and also have a great time in the process. The toys send out a message that should be picked up by all the people in the world because if you work together we can change things.

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