Give Dad the Gift of a Clean Car

If you’re still in the search for the perfect Father’s Day gift,  why not give Dad the gift of a clean car?!

Memories of dad in the driveway with the garden hose and bucket of warm, soapy water. The sun gleaming off the spotless hood, chrome so bright you need sunglasses to look at it, tires looking like they were just pulled off the shelf. This Father’s Day, relive and recapture those memories by giving Dad the gift of a clean car.

“Dads love their cars, whether thinking back to their first ride or the family car they used to ferry the kids from school to friends’ houses to their sports and activities,” says Megan Currie, Armor All Marketing Manager for Spectrum Brands. “But whether it was a sports car, a muscle car or a station wagon, Dad always wanted to keep that car clean and looking like showroom condition.”

When it comes to gift ideas for the dad who obsesses over the condition of his car, there are several options.

Armor All

Complete Car Care Kit. Packaged nicely in a handy caddy, this “car wash in a bag” has all the products for basic cleaning of dad’s car: car wash concentrate, protectant gel, glass wipes and multi-purpose cleaner, along with a car wash sponge that won’t damage your car’s finish.

Complete Car Cleaning Bucket. A thorough in-and-out cleaning of Dad’s car, all tucked neatly into a bucket: Armor All Original Protectant, ultra shine wash and wax, orange scented cleaning wipes and glass wipes along with a microfiber cloth and wash mitt — and the bucket it all came in.

Armor All Gift Pack. From the road up, this package has everything you need to get Dad’s car once again glistening in the sun. Clean the body of grime and protect its clear coat with Ultra Shine Wash and Wax, applied with a car washing sponge that won’t harm your paint. Get the fingerprints off the windows with specially formulated auto glass cleaner. Put a shine back on the tires with Detailer’s Advantage Tire Foam. Take care of the interior surfaces with cleaning wipes and Detailer’s Advantage Protectant, applied with a microfiber cloth. Once you are all done, keep that car smelling clean with an air freshener.

“For Father’s Day, it is one thing to give your Dad a car washing kit,” says Megan. “It is something else to get out there and wash the car with him. It is a great time to bond and build shared experiences that you both will treasure for a lifetime.”

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