What Woman Doesn’t Love New Shoes? – ECCO Women’s Intrinsic TR Mid {2017 Holiday Gift Guide}

I mean it?  How many women do you know that do not have a closet full of shoes?  But I was in the market for a new pair of sneakers, and these caught my eye and the opportunity presented itself.  I got a chance to try these out in a European size 39, which is about the equivalent to a North American 8/8.5 (found here: https://ca.shop.ecco.com/en_CA/sale-women-casual-shoes/women-intrinsic-tr-mid-0809702956611.html).

ecco women's intrinsic tr mid

Do you have a lady in your life that needs a comfortable pair of shoes? A busy mom perhaps who is always on her feet and always on the go? Then these might just make a great holiday gift for her. 

ecco women's intrinsic tr mid shoes

The shoes fit as expected and were comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, even for a busy mom with a lot of balls in the air and a lot to keep up with.  You know how it is. When you have school age children, you are constantly on the go. There is always somewhere you need to be, whether it be doctor’s appointments, after-school activities, parent-teacher conferences or the like. So, when you become a mom, you trade in those stylish heels for the comfortable tennis shoe. Maybe these are the ones!

The one downside might be the color. White can show a lot of dirt and grime and stains, but since these have a leather upper that is perforated for breathability, they wipe clean fairly easy on those parts with a damp cloth if you keep to it every once in a while. I just wouldn’t wait six months or so.  Stuff might get caked in there and you wouldn’t even want to think about what that might be like.

And about that perforated for breathability bit.  When you are constantly on the go, your feet need to be able to breathe.  We lose a lot of our body heat through our feet. This means, well, let’s face it. Feet sweat, folks. The perforated outer allows for airflow to keep those feet cooler and keep you more comfortable while wearing them.


ECCO also makes some fantastic children’s shoes.  These boots for example are absolutely adorable and any little girl would look stylish in the winter time in these. Plus, their feet would be warm and protected from the snow.  Don’t live somewhere that it snows? They are still adorable.  And if you don’t live somewhere it snows, I bet you know a little girl who does! I actually want a pair of these for myself, because they are so adorable.

You can take a look at ECCOs entire children’s line at this link right here: https://ca.shop.ecco.com/en_CA/kids-shoes/

ECCO stands behind their products and guarantees that customers will be happy with what they get. There aren’t that many companies that will do that anymore, and more should.

These shoes hug your feet on the inside, and almost mold to the contours of your foot, with the fabric interior coming up and hugging around your ankle for a super comfortable fit that will make you forget you are even wearing them.

The insole is anatomically designed and contours to your foot. It is also removable so if it wears out on you or you have a preferred favorite that you want to use, you can do that as well. 

So, to summarize:  Overall, I am very pleased with ECCO Women’s Intrinsic TR Mid. They are comfortable, and I almost forgot I was wearing them after a while. There is a bit of a breaking in period with any new shoe, but it was not too bad at all with these.  They were comfortable and stylish and met the needs of this busy working mom, which is definitely saying something, folks.

If you have a crazy busy mom in your life, or a woman who is constantly on the go, she would love these. Know a busy lady exec? Does she have to do the business dress drudgery all week? Would she like some comfort for her feet on the weekends and in the evenings when she can kick back and relax?  Give her a pair of these as a holiday gift and you may just be her new best friend.

And ECCO doesn’t forget about the kiddos either. They have an awesome line of kids’ boots and shoes that are stylish, comfortable and practical. And weatherproof. With winter coming, this is not something to be forgotten.

ECCO offers hassle free returns and free shipping every day, so they make shopping safe and secure. And if you aren’t happy with what you get, you can return it without much trouble and get your money back or try something different.  So, the risk is minimal, and the chances of loving what you buy are high.

Their prices are on the higher end, but can you really put a price on comfort and quality when you are constantly on your feet? I mean, our feet are what carry us around all the time. Shouldn’t we be taking care of them, protecting them and looking after them? I think the price is definitely worth it. Don’t you?

ECCO has its roots in Scandinavia, so that comes out a lot in their products. A lot of their way of life, culture, and fashion is influenced by nature. They spend a lot of time in the outdoors. They believe that beauty comes not just from the adornments, but from the functionality, the material, the shape, the colors, and most of all, the experience itself.

ECCO applies this to the way they make their shoes as well.  They endeavor to make every product a better part of the experience you will have while using it; not just a fashion piece, but something that you will enjoy wearing as much as others will enjoy seeing you wear. 

And since Scandinavian fashion is heavily influenced by nature, so too is ECCO. 

They believe that form and function go hand in hand. In other words, the way something is put together and the way it takes shape plays a major role in the way something is used and the way it works. ECCO implements these key cultural elements into their products as well.  Before leaving their manufacturing facilities, every single shoe is checked for lightness, softness, flexibility, and even more importantly, for comfort and fit.

So ECCO puts a lot into their products, and it shows. Across the board they are highly respected in both look and feel, and they are a great buy for anyone who needs something that melds comfort and style in a symbiotic way.  Give them a try.  Your feet will thank you.

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  1. NJ Nowoselski says:

    It is true…we love shoes! I have never owned ECCO shoes before. I like that they are into comfort. I would rather have a shoe be comfortable than just look good.

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