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2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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It’s not new that parents, mostly moms, try so hard to give bath towels a really good wash only to find out that it smelled awful after using it a few times for your baby’s bath. By then, the towels need washing again in just a matter of days. This unpleasant odor that grows in frequently-wet linens is caused by serious bacteria build-up. The common solution is to wash, wash and wash. But, for a Natural Mama, solving this problem is to use antibacterial products and Cuddle Smart has just these. In particular, the Antibacterial Hooded Bath Towels for Infants.

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While reading some information about Cuddle Smart products, I stumbled on something that initially surprised me but then amazed me in a good way. It turns out that Cuddle Smart merchandises are all made of Silver yarn! Before you get all puzzled, let me tell you why they have it on products that are to be used for babies. If you’re asking if it’s safe, YES, it is absolutely safe for infants. The silver content is in the form of what they call Argent 47™ Antimicrobial patented yarn. It actually is an antibiotic and is even used on medical gauzes for hospital antiseptic purposes. Its silver composition helps reduce the chances of encouraging the growth, survival and reproduction of bacteria on a product. Molds and mildews are also strayed away with the help of the Argent 47™. Nothing to be skeptic or bothered about. It’s safe: non-toxic, no chemicals, no dyes, no PVC, no phthalate and even prolongs the life of the product.

One of the excellent products Cuddle Smart has which I get to review is the Antibacterial Hooded Bath Towel for Infants. The size is ideally for babies aged 0-9 months. The hood is in on the corner which allows maximum usage of the whole towel. It comes in 3 designs and the color of its satin boarder can be customized. The fabric is made of 30% argent 47™, 36% certified organic cotton and 30% polyester. It’s super absorbent and all-natural which makes this innovative product so eco-friendly.

Since it’s designed to kill bacteria and keep the towel really fresh and clean for a long period of time, the Antibacterial Hooded Bath Towel doesn’t necessarily require really frequent washing. Unless it’s unacceptably soiled which may happen unexpectedly, that’s the only time you are obliged to give it a spin your washing machine. It’s fine to machine-wash it. Other than that, you get less laundry load. When the baby has used the towel, just hang it to dry and afterwards, it’s good for another use—no bacteria, molds, mildew and the bad odor it creates. Also, it comes with natural thermal properties that can cool the baby on hot days and warm them if they feel chilly on winter days or after a bath.

Another thing I love about this baby Bath Towel is Cuddle Smart supported it with their trademark Cuddle Smart Promise. This pledge includes the abovementioned less (laundry) load, long lasting benefits and eco-friendliness. They also guarantee that their goodies are 100% satisfying and all are proudly USA-made having a New Jersey-based office. There is no question as to how trust-worthy they are and how qualified they are to be a part of our babies’ everyday lives.

Look no further for products that are sensitive to your set standards when it comes to keeping germs and bacteria away from our kids. Cuddle Smart gives us moms that peace of mind that using their antibacterial products is the way to go and we get extra benefits like less laundry, too. Have the Cuddle Smart Antibacterial Hooded Bath Towel included on your next baby shopping list. You won’t regret it!

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