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Earth Day is going to celebrate its 42nd birthday on this Sunday, April 22, 2012. It is the formal duty of all of us to incorporate at least one eco-friendly attitude into our everyday life. We can’t imagine that our single little act can make a huge difference. B. Toys is a brand of toys I love for the kids because it is a brand that is not just catering kids playtime’s need but, also making efforts to contribute in the environment.

B. Okideoke

One of the most famous B. toys is the B. Okideoke. It is an enjoyable pleasing gadget mic that is specially designed for kids. It is a great toy for all kids especially the one having interest in music and singing. It has pre-recorded titles such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little star” and many more almost 8 pre-recorded songs. There is a button for voice recording; it has a star shaped button that amplified recorded voice to about 5%. It is best suitable for both boys and girls and are available in an array of alluring colors.

Best thing about B. Toys especially B. Okideoke is it comes with a reversible packaging. B. toys make use of the most recyclable and recycled materials for the packaging of toys. B. Toys like B. Okideoke are available with a humble hangtag and the box is made up of the recycled papers.

Some of B. toys come with just a simple hangtag. The traditional toy box of this toy was replaced with an enchanting durable bag that can be used again and again. The bag resembles and feels like a soft fabric but, in reality they are designed with polypropylene. It is a material recycled from materials such as sneakers and is fully biodegradable. Many of the toys boxes are designed so wisely to make beautiful trays for storage. Some of the boxes flip into a gift wrap eliminating the need of wrapping paper.

B. Toys not only make it reusable but, in fact make it recyclable. Apart from boxes the plastic used to hold toys is the #1 PET plastic that is not just recyclable but, is also able to make polar fleece in future. Inks used in packing are soy based and the varnishes are water based. In short, they are contributing tremendously and claim that recycling is more important than a stamp for them. It is a promise to the whole world and to the kids living in it.

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