Cat Footwear For Women – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

cat footwear

As a parent and mother of a 4yr old daughter and a baby on the way, when we receive our paycheques they tend to end up going first on bills, then of course items for your children and in my case its new clothes and shoes especially shoes for my daughter as we all know how unbelievably fast that our children grow out of their shoes. If there’s one thing that keeps growing when you are a child, it’s the size of the feet and now with a new-born on the way, it’s all about creating the perfect nursery and having everything that you need all organised for the arrival of that lovely bundle of joy.

As I was saying, as parents and mothers we tend to neglect ourselves but we too deserve a lovely present now and again and as women are handbag women, I am a shoes woman. One pair of shoes that I adore is the Women’s Hepburn Boots found through the brand CAT. I was so lucky that I had a opportunity to review this pair of boots.

CAT footwear

Many would recognise the CAT brand adorning pieces of machinery like trucks and of course hardhats and all those tradesmen outfits and accessories needed for their line of work. If you are working out on the oil rigs, they have the iTechnology Super Duty boots which are highly recognised as the toughest boots on the jobsite. They also have boots that are steel toed, slip resistant, waterproof and for those needing extra support in and around their feet, the shoes also come complete with a Metatarsal guard which helps guard the feet from impact and compression if you are working around chemicals and heat.

However, women do not fear as though CAT works in the trade industry, they have also branched out into the area of women’s shoes and nothing beats a pair of boots like the Hepburn which as a Hollywood film fan, it reminds me and gives me a sense of satisfaction as I connect Hepburn to the two non-related but both amazing actresses of Classical Film, Katherine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn.

cat footwear

Heading out to a party or in my case, an escape night out from the family with my close girlfriend? I can do a nice dress and by pairing it with the CAT Women’s Hepburn Boots. I have a knock-out of an outfit. The Hepburn boots come complete with an easy on zipper which is a lovely change than the lace-up boots as being a mother you don’t want to have to worry about laces, you need something quick and fast as you will be constantly on the go. The other most important aspect of any boots that we women splurge on is that we love comfort and with the Hepburn boot it comes complete with a comfortable heel which means that I can be on my feet all day with my daughter and carrying the extra weight of a baby and my feet won’t end up sore after a long day of standing around and if you are like some women who worry about wearing a heel , do not fear as it is only 1 ¾ inches high which is hardly noticeable when walking around as they are really light weight and a great factor is that they are a shoe that won’t wear out quickly and with the CAT Women’s Hepburn boots, you can feel like you are getting your money’s worth as they will last for years.

So women around, looking for a comfortable and stylish boot to make you feel like you are a Hollywood star in your own home- Check out CAT Women’s Hepburn Boots and be the star of your family. Head to and check out the Hepburn boots and the other styles in stock and with a click of a finger , go shoe shopping for you and the family in this holiday season.

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