Our Canada’s Wonderland Experience #CanadasWonderland

Canada's Wonderland

It’s official, the temperatures are rising rapidly and summer is near. While the kids are super excited about having a break from school soon, us parents are struggling to find things that will them entertained and out of trouble. There are only so many things that we can take them to do before they get bored of going to the same old places. One place that I recently took my kids to is a local amusement park right here in Vaughan, Canada’s Wonderland. We went last weekend, and I wanted to share with everyone how we liked it.

It’s our first time to go to Canada’s Wonderland and we were surprised that there were such long line-ups as the door just opened. We waited about 45 mins to get in but totally worth it. During our trip, my kids got to experience some of the attractions. It was a hot day which meant there were, of course, going to be lots of people there. Because of the long lines, they didn’t get to go on as many rides as they would have liked, but we made the ones they wanted to. Though it is one of the more popular rides, they were able to go on “Taxi Jam”, a kid’s roller coaster. It has a cute theme where a police car is chasing multiple yellow taxi cabs.

Frequent Flyers

“Frequent Flyers” is another ride my children got to experience. It is a ride that features mini hot air balloons, that will take your little one up into the air (but not too far). They did another roller coaster called “Ghoster Coaster”. It is a wooden coaster that features drops, bumps, and curves throughout the ride. Fun fact: “Ghoster Coaster” is actually one of the original coasters from when the park opened in 1981!

Swing Time

Swing Time

The last ride my son did was “Swing Time”, which is for young riders who wish to soar above the ground in suspended swings.

After the above rides my kids went on, they chose to check out Canada Wonderland’s Water Park. As we went there pretty late, we didn’t get the chance to check out the slides and lazy river. But there is no line up for “White Water Bay”, a wave pool there at Canada’s Wonderland, you can get in any time. So we enjoyed our rest of the time there before leaving the park. In fact, it is supposedly one of Canada’s largest outdoor wave pools.

My children are four and nine, but there are rides and attractions that I believe would accommodate all ages, younger and older. I would like to suggest to check each rides’ thrill level(1-5) first before you go on.


Like the maple park tree house, the thrill level is 1.

Maple Park Treehouse

All in all, I would consider the trip a success, and I think my kids would agree. Even though there were a good bit of people there and long lines when we went, we do plan on returning. We will consider to buy their seasons passes this summer. Daily tickets are $39.99 and season passes are $86.99. That means that if you plan on going more than twice this summer, you might as well go ahead and purchase the season pass. For those who are interested, the amusement park is open from 10 AM to 10 PM and the water park portion is open from 11 AM to 6 PM. If you want more information on the amusement park, their website has tons of information and could probably answer the majority of your questions. The link is https://www.canadaswonderland.com. I know that my children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I hope that yours will too!

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