Build-A-Bear Workshop Christmas Cookie Bear Review – 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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Having a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop is something I would like my daughter to experience. I can sense that she would absolutely love to be there and be a part of making her own Teddy Bear. Build-A-Bear Workshop is a great place for kids to have fun in being involved in the process of creating and personalizing bears. It is not an ordinary factory where the manufacturing process will just be viewed by the visitors. The workshop lets kids do the step-by-step procedure up to the finale.

Christmas Cookie Bear

Build-A-Bear triggered my daughter’s hidden love for Teddy Bears when they sent me a complete outfit for an adorable limited edition Build-A-Bear Workshop toy bear, Christmas Cookie Bear. The package came in with a nicely done presentation. One thing more, the Christmas Cookie Bear also comes with a vanilla-scented sugar cookie, which I really like. That’s their new line – every bear made and purchased includes a scented accessory. They are all especially made to remind us how our surroundings’ scents are like when seasons come and go. I’m very impressed on how they smelled so cozy and pleasing which makes it perfect as a gift for anyone of any age. The Candy Cane Skirt Outfit was a two piece combination and it came along with the Red Stripes Flats and 2 pieces of Red Stripes Bows. They are sold separately and are just some of the hundred choices available at the Build-A-Bear Workshop ranging from dresses, costumes, shoes and accessories.

build a bear

The Candy Cane Skirt Outfit had the Christmas spirit going on with the design it has. The top had a print on of candy canes and the word “Sweet”. It’s in white and has red satin lining along the neckline and sleeve edges. Then, the skirt had the same lining but instead of being in plain white, the skirt has green and red sparkling stars all over it.

The flats are really adorable. They remind me of a pair of baby booties for girls. It has red and white stripes on it and is sewn with a white strap across the top part. It includes a tag at the back end which is what Build-A-Bear Workshop calls the “Seal of Pawthenticity”. This seal is found in every item worn by Teddy Bears from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Finally, the two pieces of bows come as one and will make cute pig-tails for the Teddy Bear. They fit perfectly as “hair” accessories which girls will surely love to use on their bears.

Because Build-A-Bear Workshop can definitely make kids enjoy the making and customizing their own bears, they will also love choosing outfits for their bears. I’ve heard a lot of moms who have brought their kids to build a bear workshop and got them a bear of their own, are now faced with children wishing they’ll get a chance to buy/receive more pieces of Teddy Bear apparel. So, if there’s any child in the family or among friends who has a build a bear, getting them an outfit like the Candy Cane Outfit is the safest and best Holiday gift of all or even this Christmas Cookie Bear for their collection.

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