Bows And Bears For Baby Girls

When you’re shopping for a baby girl, you’ll see that there is an abundance of pink, purple and yellow along with princess crowns, bows, and bears. It’s sometimes hard to choose from the large selection of newborn girl gifts, but there are a few things at the top of the list of items that new moms enjoy receiving. From hooded towels to a pink bathtub, there are several things that make bath time fun and exciting. A picture frame with decorations for a baby girl is a gift that can help the parents cherish the memories of the baby from birth through childhood. A photo album is another gift that many parents enjoy and don’t seem to receive after the baby is born.

If the baby is the first for the parents, then you might want to consider getting a few packs of diapers and baby wipes. They will also need various types of clothing. Visit a boutique to look for a special outfit that the baby can wear home or for a special occasion, such as the first day at church. Gift baskets with shirts, pacifiers, bottles, stuffed animals and other beautiful items that a baby girl would enjoy are a gift to consider if you aren’t sure what to get.

Diaper cakes are a popular gift idea when you don’t know what to get the new parents. You can get a diaper cake made with pink ribbon and a few small bottles of bath wash, baby powder, and lotion. The top of the cake could have a pink stuffed animal or another item that can be kept on a shelf for the child to enjoy when she’s older. If you’re looking for a special keepsake, then get a copy of the hand print and footprint of the baby after she’s born to make a frame with the details of the birth, such as the date, time, length and weight. When you’re shopping for baby gifts for a girl, you don’t always have to get pink as there are other beautiful colors that include purple, teal and yellow. Try to find gifts that blend with the theme of the nursery or a hobby that the parents enjoy.

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