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Who Needs Fresh Air?  Everybody does. Air is as basic to life. It refreshes our body cells, lowers body temperature, improves functioning of our lungs, improves our skin condition and enhances our total well-being.

Air is as basic to life, and we talk about fresh air. Do we still get the fresh air that we need? From our homes, we have painted walls, carpets, fabric couches, wall papers, ceiling tiles, curtains, bed linens, books, synthetic stuffs plus our pets. These things may hinder us from getting the fresh air that we need.

I am aware that the use of air fresheners can eliminate odor but is it advisable? I used it once in a while. I don’t regularly open the windows that much; it’s still cool inside, being a busy mom, I do my laundry not on a daily basis that tends to pile my baby’s soiled clothing’s and yes, it smelled. My 4 year old got tons of stuff toys and she sleeps with it. Oh my, this makes me so guilty.

These may be just some few of household chores that could cause a problem.

I worry for my newborn; I worry for my 4 year old daughter, I worry for all of us.

Did you know that the average Canadian spends 90% of their time indoors and that indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air?  Health Canada has developed Air Quality guidelines that summarize the health risks posed by indoor pollutants like dust, mold, pet dander and bacteria. Health Canada recommends limiting exposure to indoor air pollutants in order to avoid potential health problems that can result.  You can find more information on this study here.

What must be done? Consider an Indoor Air Purifier.

What is an air purifier?

This is a device composed of fibrous materials which removes solid particles such as dust, pollen and bacteria from air.

Why do we have to use air purifier?

Basically, air purifiers are used to improve the quality of air that we breathe, thereby reducing allergy-causing problems.

When do we use air purifier?

Now is the time to use it. Do not wait that you show symptoms of respiratory or skin problems.

I am glad that my questions were answered by Bionaire Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier.

  • True HEPA filtration is 99.97 per cent effective in capturing airborne allergens
  • Arm & Hammer ® enhanced filter helps to reduce common household odors
  • 3 speed settings with a digital timer
  • Optional ionizer to assist in particle removal
  • Recommended for small size rooms, up to 80 square feet
  • Available at Wal-Mart; MSRP $99.99

Bionaire Allergen Remover Mini Tower

No doubt that with its customizable filter aer1 filter series, Bionaire is able to address the specific needs of every home.

Aer1 filter series - allergen remover (green)

Aer1 filter series - allergen remover (green)

The cold season is still here to stay, and cold air is usually responsible for triggering asthma attack. Get Bionaire air purifiers at your side, it is equipped with filters that will specifically trap particles and prevent it to pass through the nose and the lungs thereby preventing you from getting colds during the winter season.

No worries if windows are closed most of the time during the cold season, because Bionaire can take charge of that , it specifically takes care of the allergen indoors: growing mold and mildew found in the kitchen or basements, shower curtains, minute dust mites found in our linens and towels in the closet, pillows and kid’s stuff toys. Even pet dander’s that may stay in the carpets, mattresses and rugs, Bionaire with HEPA filter does all the job of trapping it and preventing it from getting into our respiratory system and preventing it from spoiling the fresh uncontaminated air we need inside our homes.

 Bionaire® Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier is in my home. Now, I am fully assured that my family can breathe at its best. And With Bionaire, only the best for my family.

WIN Bionaire® Allergen Remover Mini Tower Air Purifier with aer1 filter series!

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