BeginAgain Tinker Totter Robots Set Review

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BeginAgain toys have been around for a few years now creating safe and environmentally friendly toys for our tiny humans of all ages out there. They have everything from bathtub toys to play kitchen sets for children with imaginations that never run out.

The company BeginAgain has a lot of great ways they go about creating their toys. Children are always the main focus but for them they aim towards keeping us over protective parents happy too. They don’t require batteries for their toys unlike SO many, which always cause us to spend more than we bargained for. None of their toys contains oil, which gives me a peace of mind knowing there won’t be any messes for me to clean up later. Instead of oils, they are naturally made from a plant base. BeginAgain toys are also made with recyclable plastics, bio plastics that contain wheat and cornstarch, harvested wood, and tree sap. They really try to keep it as environmentally friendly as possible keeping children and the earth happy meanwhile.

The Tinker Totter Robots Playset & Building Set is a 28-piece set of stackable, connectable, and creative robotic space pieces that work together to help aid in the imagination of those tiny developing brains. Aside from having so many parts and pieces, each one is so colorful and distinct.

My son stays busy for hours with these because there are such a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. He never gets bored with this set because he’s able to create so many different robotic figures with all 28 pieces. Safely made with rubber wood, I don’t have to worry about any harmful dyes from the set because they are made with stains that aren’t a hazard.

Bathtub toys are always an essential in making bath time better for everyone involved. Keeping our tiny humans happy while also keeping them clean can sometimes be a battle after a long day!

The Bathtub Pal – Shark is an affordable sea creature that makes for a great time in the bath. The floating, naturally made shark is perfect for any water involved adventure whether that be imagining in the tub or along side the real sharks at the beach. Made with natural rubber that is sustainable harvested is a great feature. Right along with the other bath toys by BeginAgain, the shark is made with openings perfect for draining and drying at the end of tub time as well as getting cleaned on the top rack of the dishwasher.

It’s important in my family to have toys that are safe for my children and that are stimulating their brains as their still growing while also just simply having fun because that is the main reason for toys! BeginAgain toys gives me all three components in each of their toys, which is why I hope other tiny humans out there are given that same opportunity.

BeginAgain toys are perfect for just about all ages. Shipping to many places all over the world, they are available on their website as well as other retailers that offer children’s toys. However, their site is the best place to find them. They offer details about each and every toy so us parents know exactly how it was made. Aside from the great prices they offer, their toys are everything any parent could want for their children in one. Learning, entertainment, and safety.

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