BEAU & BELLE Littles Eco-Friendly Reusable Baby Swim Diapers Review

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There are few products as conscientiously designed, produced, and available as Beau & Belle Littles eco-friendly reusable baby swim diapers. The company, which was created by parents, is one to be admired for their thoughtful consideration of both consumer need, as well as their simultaneous effort to give back.  Their waterproof, well fitted, and very reasonably priced swim diapers will take your tot to the water from newborn to around three years old, and your mind off of everything but how cute they look with a blue or green bum!

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The swim diapers are offered year round, to accommodate parents who are toting towel bags and plastic buckets to the beach, as well as those with pool time in the colder weather, not to mention playtime in the tub! The diaper is fitted to perfection, so there will not be any surprise escapee worry, and is also very comfortable for the little ones. Thoughtfully designed to fit properly and cuddle those leg rolls without pinching or squeezing. Such good news for all those love bugs that just will not stop growing despite parental pleas to stay little! Size flexibility is such a dynamic feature for this product and makes it the last swim diaper you will ever need. In description, the size adjusts up to about 36 lbs which means coverage and cuteness right up to the potty training experience.

Reusable Swim Diaper

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There are two new designs I got in addition to the colorful fish diaper, and each is as modern, clean, and overly cool. A choice of navy fabric printed with green arrows that will pierce your heart cupid-style, or the softer sea foam green stripes, which are sweetly detailed in dots and dashes. They will leave you grappling with which to choose as a favorite.  Beautiful, bright colors with unisex patterns of timeless trend, and there’s more to come! The line is growing with new releases for Spring 2017. The suspense is near torture!  I can’t wait to see what other fabrics will be popping up for playtime this year.

For the parents, care is as easy as you could imagine. Solids get flushed, and the diaper is cold wash, dry on low.  Keeping fresh is as easy as incorporating another piece of clothing into your growing baby’s wardrobe.  User friendly, parent friendly, eco-friendly, and for the cost of approximately one pack of the disposables, budget friendly. Such an exceptional product will leave you wondering why the disposable swim diaper is still on the market!

Beau & Belle littles is truly a company who cares. Not only in terms of the quality of their product line, which they actively stand behind with a solid guarantee, but also in terms of the bigger picture. The diapers mean far less disposable waste for the environment, which is something we can all feel good about, and to boot, 5% of proceeds are used to support Compassion International, an organization aimed at fighting poverty among children.  From detail of design for the products offered, to the footprint of the product, and children who are in need, there is no doubt of the genuine, and thoughtful direction of every aspect of business of this company. 

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