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While both my kids and I have been thoroughly enjoying their time off this summer, back to school time is right around the corner. I decided that it was probably time to stop planning summer activities, and start getting things in order for my children to return to school. Back to school can be super stressful with everything you need to get done, including school clothes shopping and shopping for school supplies that will hopefully get them all the way through the school year. Luckily, I had the opportunity to attend the #thinkstaples back to school event a few weeks ago. I ended up getting a lot of neat school supplies that my children love, and are really excited to use this upcoming school year. I always love going to Staples for any school or office supply needs, and this just furthered my love for Staples even more. They were incredibly generous at the back to school event.


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My children are excited about everything I received at the event, but one thing that really caught their attention is the emoji binder from the brand Avery. My kids have both fallen into the emoji trend, and really love emojis. So of course, when they saw a binder that was covered with emojis, they had a huge interest in it. The large emoji in the center is interchangeable as well, so your child can choose their favorite emoji to put front and center. I am hoping that this neat, trendy binder will inspire and motivate my children to stay organized this year (fingers crossed). Along with the emoji theme, I received a really fun emoji pen.There is a large emoji at one end of the pen that lights up when it is tapped on a surface such as a desk or hand. This was a huge hit for my children as well!

Another interesting find are the Doodle Scents Markers by Crayola that I received. The markers are infused with the smell of kids’ favorite things. Examples of the scents include a watermelon patch, buttered popcorn, pepperoni pizza, marshmallows, and even things in the great outdoors. There are a total of 25 markers in the pack, and each marker has a different smell. My children are so excited to use these fun markers this year!

One of the things my children are most excited about is the slime kit. This is a fun and easy experiment for kids to try out at home. It’s super safe, as the base ingredient is Elmer’s Glue. You can find more about how to do this project yourself on the Elmer’s website.

I only discussed some of my children’s favorite items, but there are so many more things that I was lucky enough to receive. There were lunch items such as lunch containers and water bottles, as well as cool technology items that I found really neat, like volume controlling headphones for kids. I’m still so excited about everything I received at the #thinkstaples back to school event, and I am so happy that they have made going back to school that much easier for my children and I. Good luck to everyone on their back to school endeavors.

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