Back to School with DK Books And Giveaway

Summer is ending, and back to school time is here. During the summer, I received a few books from DK Books for my children. They were a big hit and my children loved them. We all know how important reading is for our kids and all the benefits that come along with it. Just because our kids are going back to school though, doesn’t mean they should stop reading at home. I decided to choose a few more books from DK Books for the going back to school season.

The first book I chose is the Children’s Illustrated Dictionary. This book is a paperback version and costs about $20. It was recently updated with spectacular new pictures. It helps young readers to develop their vocabulary skills, as well as their reading skills, by connecting words and their definitions to images. Images are such a great source for learning because they “stick” in the child’s mind better, and help them to become more likely to memorize and retain the information. The colorful dictionary contains over 12,000 word entries with Canadian spellings and pronunciation. All of this is explained with easy to understand definitions, as well as examples using the words. I absolutely love this book, and would recommend it to all parents with young children.

The next book I got is the Children’s Illustrated Thesaurus. This is also a paperback version and it retails for nearly $20. This book is an illustrated thesaurus created just for young readers and writers, and contains more than 4,000 main entries. Provided with the 4,000 main entires is over 36,000 synonyms. The synonyms are introduced with incredible pictures and drawings. It also has vocabulary features that help to expand your child’s language skills. All of the entries are arrange in alphabetical order, and they include definitions and examples that help the child understand and interpret the true meaning of the words. The antonyms included provide a more complex layer of reading skills and vocabulary for your child to learn with. I really love this book for my children, and I think it pairs perfectly with the Children’s Illustrated Dictionary.

The third and final book I chose is the Children’s Illustrated World Atlas. It comes in two versions: hardback and eBook. The hardback is about $23 and the eBook is nearly $12. So if you want this book but are on a budget, the eBook is nearly half the cost of the hardback version. This visual atlas helps bring the world and all of its people to life. It includes beautiful mapping, as well as photographs and stories that are ideal for children from the age of 8-12. The maps in the book are created with modern, cloud-free satellite imaging. It takes your child on a trip around the world, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. While I don’t think this book is a necessity, I do think it is an amazing addition to your child’s book collection if you can afford to purchase it. Like I mentioned, you can purchase the eBook for nearly half price if you are wanting to save a little money.

Help your kids take a step in the right direction by having them read at home. Let them read some books that they choose for fun, but keep informative books, such as these, around as well. They are jam packed with knowledge for your child, but they’re also entertaining with all of the colors and pictures they contain. My children have really been enjoying all of the books I’ve received from DK Books, and I’m sure your children would as well.

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  1. Rosanne Robinson says:

    I would love to win this terrific prize package for my grandson, he’s very interested in travelling and learning more about the world.

  2. Jennifer P. says:

    I would LOVE to win because I think my kids would really love these informative, interesting books. They are keen learners, and these would be great reference books to have at home.

  3. Amanda Fontaine says:

    I would love to win because I am a mom of three and these books sound very educational and interesting to read!

    Perfect for my 12 year old daughter.

  4. Robyn L says:

    I’d love to win this for my great nephew; he has an inquiring mind and these books would be awesome and fill the bill.

  5. Sab Edwards says:

    Emily loves to read, likes to read to her baby brother Dylan and I think she would enjoy reading these on her own

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