All Aboard! Battat’s Deluxe Wooden Train Set

My kids love projects that give them the chance to build and create. Battat has come out with another inventive and fun piece to their All Aboard Collection that provides my two with new opportunities to put their imaginations to work. Battat’s Deluxe Wooden Train Set has been constructed not only to keep children occupied during hours of fun playtime, but also to be able to sharpen their fine motor skills and to expand their creativity.

Battat’s Deluxe Wooden Train Set comes with two-sided tracks of different shapes and sizes that, when connected, create lots of fun directions in which the All Aboard train cars can go. The set comes with 18 long curved 6” tracks, four mini straight tracks, two long slope tracks, two risers, three straight tracks (6” long), two train junctions that are three-way splitters, and two short curve tracks. Other additions to the Deluxe Wooden Train Set include one track with a bridge and one railway crossing.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, there’s more! The set also comes with seven train cars, three cars and buses, six telephone poles, 22 houses, trees and bushes (six each), 11 figures (five small, six large), and six traffic signs, all packed into this generously accessorized playset. In all, the Battat Deluxe Wooden Train Set comes with 102 fun, colorful pieces, all of which can be placed wherever my little engineers want to put them. The pieces can be moved and re-moved over and over again to create any number of towns or cities that jump out of their imaginations.

The Battat Deluxe Wooden Train Set is constructed so that it can be coupled with any of the smaller Battat’s All Aboard Collection. The sets can be combined to create a long, winding train track with twists and turns that lead anywhere at all! Over bridges, through towns, between houses and parks, up, down, and around. I think I have as much fun with this toy as the kids do!

Along with wooden trains, tracks, and accessories, Battat has produced several items that can be purchased separately, further adding to the fun of kids owning their own railway. For going mobile, when the train just can’t be left at home, Battat sells a wooden travel case with the tracks cleverly carved right into the outside of the case. For even more creative play is the Battat All Aboard Train Table on which tracks from any All Aboard Collection can be assembled.

Battat has been creating toys for over 40 years. The focus of this family based business is to give children toys that are, above all, fun to play with, but that also provide them with some type of educational value. The company shines its spotlight on the safety and quality of the products they produce for children. Along with these attributes, they manufacture every toy with affordability in mind. In order for their toys to be accessible to all children, they must first be reasonably priced.

This is a toy manufacturer whose heart is focused not only on what children want, but also on what they need. The Deluxe Wooden Train Set begins with quality construction and, because I, as a mom whose first concern is my children, can see the quality and caring throughout the composition of this playset, I feel that I have given my two another excellent approach to expressing their imaginations.

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